Classic German Steins

  • $165.00

Alpen Schatz is proud to present the finest quality European Steins, handcrafted exclusively by KING-WERK, one of the oldest producers of steins in Germany.

KING-WERK are situated in the Westerwald (Western Forest) of Germany, near the Rhine River and the quaint town of Koblenz, which was once the ancient Roman town of Confluentia as well as part of the famous Limes - the fortified Roman border.

In the very first centuries after Christ (almost 2000 years ago!), archeaologists have found what could be perhaps the oldest roots of pottery creation in the area. Over the centuries, this region of Germany has been known for it's fine clay pottery and exqusite Stein creations.

Backed by generations of Stein making experience and some of the finest craftsmanship to be found, KING Steins are primarily based on designs of antique originals. They are all made of clay from the area, hand painted, and the ornate pewter lids hand crafted and designed in-house. The KING Collection of Old World German, Swiss, Bavarian, Austrian and Tyrolian theme steins offers you a choice of the most original and skillfully designed products available today.

Note that KING also make a beautiful Old World Wine Set for the wine lovers out there.

The trademark KING guarantees the most authentic quality to all admirers and collectors of genuinely handcrafted and hand painted German Steins. Indeed, the majority of their steins are uniquely numbered and are limited edition collector's items.

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