Alpen Pet


Luxurious European Pet Accessories

For over 20 years, Alpen Schatz has been seeking out and importing the finest pet accessories from top European designers and craftsmen. We specialize in distributing and retailing their leading luxury brands of leather dog collars, harnesses and leashes, including Alpen Schatz™ of Switzerland, HUNTER of Germany, La Cinopelca of Italy and Orme Naturali's all natural Grooming line. 

Our focus is on quality, style and classic luxury.

We also offer charming, durable stainless steel dog tags and a fabulous leather conditioner to keep your pet accessories looking their finest.

Whether consumer or pet boutique looking for the finest, quality pet accessories for your beloved furry friend or your customers, Alpen Schatz holds the answer!

Enjoy your shopping experience!

      Swiss ID Tags                      Leather Conditioner