Heirloom German Musical Advent Calendar

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Limited Time only!

Alpen Schatz is happy to present our unique LIMITED EDITION German Engineered Musical Advent Calendars. Every time one of the doors are opened, these beautiful calendars play a traditional musical Christmas tune while the lights come on and the figures move. The open door reveals the Advent "treat of the day", that has been carefully placed inside.

Our Heirloom Calendars can be used year after year, making Advent and the days leading up to Christmas that much more special for children and adults alike. They make a perfect family heirloom piece, being passed down from generation to generation.

The calendar operates on three AAA batteries and measure 22” H x 17” W x 4” D

***Note that the music and movement are activated by a light sensor inside each compartment. When a door is opened, light activates the sensor and the music and movement begin. It is important that there is adequate light in the location of the Advent Calendar for the light sensors to operate.***



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