The Bernese Mountain Dog - Yesterday and Today

The Bernese Mountain Dog - Yesterday and Today

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Written by Italian Bernese Mountain Dog expert, Silvana Vogel Tedeschi and translated into English by Lindy Kunz.

We at Alpen Schatz call this amazing book "the Bible" to everything you would want to know about the Bernese Mountain Dog. It gives English speaking readers the first opportunity to have access to important facts about the breed which have only been available in other languages throughout Europe.

The fascinating history of the breed is described carefully and is accompanied by photographs of the foundation dogs. With words and informative illustrations it is shown how the Standard is to be interpreted and how the individual traits should be considered in the show ring and in breeding. Particular attention is paid to the distinctive features of the temperament and behaviour of these former farm dogs showing how their history has moulded their character. Richly illustrated chapters follow, discussing how a puppy develops mentally and physically with good advice on raising and general management, as well as life with the adult Berner today. The last chapter contains information about problems involved in the growth of the skeleton and how these issues can be influenced by nutrition and proper care of the puppy.

As a special extra feature, the book includes in an appendix, The complete original book of the first complete translation of Professor Albert Heim's book, "Die Schweizer Sennenhund" published in 1914. This makes this book particularly more valuable. It will be the best loved book on Bernese Mountain Dog lovers shelves for many years to come. Hardcover.

Purchasing this books supports THE BERNER-GARDE FOUNDATION in their quest to tackle the many health issues which may arise in this breed.

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