Tails of Brinkley the Berner

  • $16.95

"Children of all ages, as well as Bernese loving adults, meet and fall in love with Brinkley. The Tails of Brinkley the Berner is a series of beautifully illustrated books which chronicles the life of Brinkley, a Bernese Mountain dog, and his friendship with his best friend, Luca James.  Together they experience new adventures that teach them valuable lessons every child encounters." 




Book One: The Beginning 

In The Beginning, we meet and fall in love with the Bernese Mountain Dogs, Brinkley and Luca. Through the eyes of these two special pups, children learn to appreciate the rewards of having a close friend.



Book Two: Giving of the Heart

In Giving of the Heart, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Brinkley and Luca, visit rescue animals at a local animal shelter. The new friends they make tell their stories of loss and hardship. Sharing friendship and gifts, Brinkley and Luca James learn the true meaning of giving of the heart. 


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