VARIO XL Freestyle Retriever Leashes

  • $64.00

Our VARIO Freestyle Retriever Leashes are an adjustable leash with combined collar, ideal for quick-on/quick off for the dog and owner on the move. It's German engineered design offers infinite adjustability, accommodating all neck sizes, with it's variable stop ring and slider which prevents the collar from slipping off the dog. The stop ring also serves the purpose of protecting the dog's neck and trachea against harm when the leash is pulled taught.  






The leash/collar combo also offers a patented, variable slip mechanism, offering the ideal walking length from 4'-8'. As in the other Freestyle accessories, the leash is made from a sturdy polyamide rope, which is soft and supple to the touch, while internally it is robust and extremely hard-wearing. It is finished with durable German leather and reinforced stitching, adding to the leash's overall strength and classy appearance.

The HUNTER VARIO Freestyle Retriever Leash is weatherproof and easy to clean, making it ideal for daily use in all weather conditions.


HOW TO USE Watch this short video showing how to adjust the collar and leash elements to provide for the perfect fitting collar and the ideal length to walk your dog.

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