HUNTER Elk Round & Soft Training Collars

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Be sure to add a super cool Swiss ID Tag and Leather Conditioner to complete your order!


Soft and warm – those are the most significant characteristics of this unique, buttery soft leather. The collars and leads from HUNTER's Elk Collection are all made of fine elk leather with sturdy hardware - perfect for any breed or size of dog. The extremely rare and valuable elk leather is sustainably farmed from European "Elk" roaming the forests of Scandinavia. It is among the finest leathers in the world.

Although soft to the touch, it is extremely strong and additionally reinforced by an industrial strength, pliable cord on the inside - keeping it from stretching, even on the strongest of pulling pups.

HUNTER's ROUND & SOFT ELK training collar is perfect for training and obedience. It is enhanced with an adjustable stop ring, ensuring the perfect fit yet protecting the neck of the dog. 

How to Measure your Dog

Use a string or soft measuring tape.

For neck measurements, be sure to allow for 2-4 fingers extra room underneath the tape or string.

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