Alpen Schatz™ Charivari for Lederhosen

  • $130.00

Our handcrafted, pewter Charivaris make the perfect complement to any fine Alpen Schatz Lederhosen or Dirndl.

Charivaris were traditionally created as jewellry or as a talisman for a successful hunt. For farmers or merchants it served as a valuable status symbol.

Alpen Schatz Charivaris contain real deer antler, gamsbarts, coins, medallions, and other symbolic Alpine objects. One attaches it to the belt loops of one's Lederhosen, or to the front of a Dirndl. We have many fine styles from which to choose and your Charivari will serve as the perfect finishing touch to your Alpine attire.

Be sure to also check-out our Alpine Hats, Alpine Socks and Bavaria Lederhosen to complete the outfit. We also offer traditional Trachten Hemde (traditional shirts) at our Telluride location. Contact us directly for availability.


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