1" Small Contemporary Swiss Dog Collar

  • $90.00

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***Note that the smallest collar size (34cm) is slightly narrower and has flowers instead of the Contemporary medallions in between the cows***


Be sure to add a super cool Swiss ID Tag and Leather Conditioner to complete your order!


Our "Contemporary" Alpen Schatz® Swiss collars represent a family craft dating back over 200 years. They encapsulate the festive nature of the breathtaking Appenzeller region of Switzerland. Each collar is handcrafted by the descendants of the original founder of this alpine tradition around the year 1850. As his ancestors did before him, our craftsman uses only the finest of Swiss organic cow leather and each piece is adorned with representative Alpine figures, hand carved, cut, and tooled from brass or alpine silver pieces. He also specializes in decorative cowbells and belts, which also play a big role in Swiss traditions.

The small Contemporary collars are 1" wide (apart from the 13"(34cm) x-small collar which is 3/4" wide) and come in many lengths and four classic leather colors with two metal selections - Brass or Silver. Note that the Swiss have put an alloy in the Brass and Silver metals preventing them from tarnishing or rusting in most weather conditions (salt water an exception). This collar will become the lifetime collar for your proud pet.

 Below see XSmall (34cm) 7/8", Small 1", Medium 1.25" and Large 1.5" (width) Contemporary collar comparisons:

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