OVERSTOCK La Cinopelca Italian Leather "Quick Release" Adjustable Leashes - 6'

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Fine Italian Leather Leashes - naturally oiled and tanned to preserve their luxurious look and feel. Crafted by Italy's leading leather collar and leash designer: La Cinopelca. Our  popular European style "2 in 1" leashes adjust from a 3' length to a 6' length, providing a variety of walking lengths to suite every walking environment. The "Quick Release" version has special hardware, that allows for a lockable release and when not locked, a quick release - ideal for hunting dogs in the field.

Carlo Pelozzi, the founder of La Cinopelca, was one of Italy's top dog trainers. Indeed, he was well known throughout Europe for his expert handling and training of dogs. La Cinopelca's first products were leashes and collars designed for specific breeds and tasks:- to make the training of the dogs easier and to ensure the comfort of the dog.

Since the company's conception in 1985, the La Cinopelca product selection has expanded significantly, however his robust, but naturally soft leather collars and leashes still remain a fundamental part of the company's prosperity and popularity.

As with all his collars and leashes, the quality Italian leather used to make his training products is tanned and dyed with all-natural oils and dyes, resulting in color options of a rich black or brown. No chemicals are used in the whole process, guaranteeing each product's resistance, softness and impermeability.


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