Swiss Cotton Edelweiss Scarves

  • $18.00

Make your own stylish face mask at home out of our soft Swiss Edelweiss Cotton Scarves! Stay safe and stylish at the same time. Check out how to HERE 
* We've temporarily reduced our price to encourage trying them out!
Similar to a bandana, our "Tüechli" depict the endearing Edelweiss flowers from the Alps. Our scarves are made in Appenzell, Switzerland by a family run business, which has been making traditional alpine fabrics for scarves, table cloths, place settings, linens, handkerchiefs, etc. for three generations.

Our Edelweiss scarves are made out of 100% cotton and measure  21"x 21".

Prefer silk? Our popular Italian Silk Edelweiss Scarves make a beautiful alternative and come in many attractive color options.

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