Orme Propolis Healing Skin Lotion

Orme Propolis Healing Skin Lotion

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A purifying repair lotion which is based on propolis (an all natural antibiotic and antifungal product made by bees). It is fit for cleaning topical infected excoriations, small crusts, light burns and irritations, due to its cleaning, purifying and protective action against polluting agents. Grapefruit, nettle, mountain tea, focus, capsicum, rosemary and lavender support the action of propolis, while promoting the skin regeneration process thanks to their stimulating, epithelium reinforcing, remineralizing action. Wheat proteins nourish and give elasticity and tonicity to the skin, and vigour and strength to the fur. This lotion is very useful at the beginning for cleaning and protecting the affected part, and subsequently it supports the regeneration process, while reinforcing and balancing the structure of the skin and of the fur with specific and effective active principles.

100ml (3.4oz)


ORME Naturali
Italian Spa Skin & Teeth Care

Orme Naturali’s Care Line was developed for the well-being of your pet. It helps to heal, protect, balance and promote one's pet's well-being.

ORME's Skin Care Line consists of 100% natural prevention and protection products. The Care Family is enriched with special elements proven for their dermatological properties, to include: Lavender and Rosemary Oils, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit seed extract, Nettles, Sage and Thyme amongst other holistic but powerful ingredients.

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