Groomer Size: XXL Orme Naturali Protein Clay Shampoo 5L / 1.3 Gallons

Groomer Size: XXL Orme Naturali Protein Clay Shampoo 5L / 1.3 Gallons

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Light and heat are properties of clay, which are also vital elements of skin and fur. The all-natural elements in clay tend to balance, absorb and repair much quicker than other cosmetic lines made from chemicals. Clay is also especially effective at soothing skin irritations and eliminating dandruff and itching. The healing nature of clay is complemented by the addition of castor oils, coconut collagen, chlorophyll, and heat proteins which feed essential nutrients to the hair roots, strengthen the keratin , and prevent flaking.

PROTEIN CLAY SHAMPOO is made especially for sensitive skin such as that of puppies or older dogs, as well as for dogs with seasonal hair loss or dogs with extra-long hair. With regular use, the dog’s skin and fur will regain its natural healthy appearance, including elasticity, shine, and softness, not to mention that the fur will be easy to groom and comb. It is well-known in cosmetology that vitamin F is called “the vitamin of the skin” because of it’s extraordinary dermatological healing properties.

ORME’s PROTEIN SHAMPOO is rich in Vitamin F, coming from linseed and rapeseed oils blended in the shampoo. Another essential ingredient to this shampoo are carrots which give the shampoo beta-carotene, which results in nourishing the skin and fur with vitamin A. Vitamin A revitalizes as well as helps soften the fur.



ORME Naturali
Italian Spa Shampoos and Conditioners for Dogs and Cats

Most people have heard about the healing and nurturing benefits of Italian Clay treatments for people.

As dog and cat lovers, we might ask: Why not make these wonderful, natural benefits available to our beloved furry four-legged friends?

In answer to this question, the Italians have cleverly created a line of exquisite clay based cosmetics for dogs and cats, including all natural Italian clay  shampoos, vitamin enriched conditioner balms, and alcohol free based perfume’s. 

ORME (formerly Armonie) Naturali shampoos and conditioners have been a best seller in Europe for years, having been voted by award-winning international groomers as the best line of all natural cosmetics for pets on the market.

ORME Naturali is composed of 100% natural ingredients, enriched with special elements proven for their dermatological properties for all skin and fur types. The secret behind ORME Naturali lies in how the skin and fur cells naturally bond to Armonie’s all natural ingredients. Identifying to the holistic properties of Armonie Naturali, a dog or cat's skin and fur organically absorbs the most essential active ingredients in ORME Naturali in a process called osmotic exchange, resulting in healthier, cleaner, and naturally softer fur.

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