Welcome to Alpen Schatz’s very own Christkindlmarkt,
or better known in English as, Traditional European Christmas Market!






Throughout Europe, colorful Christmas markets have been taking place since the 13th century, and we at Alpen Schatz wanted to make this beautiful tradition accessible to other corners of the world through our Internet shop. 

These magical markets are traditionally found nestled in the heart of most European villages and towns. Millions of people flock each year between mid November and Christmas Eve to get those special, typically handcrafted, gifts for friends and family.


 As Christkindlmarkts are outdoors and it is traditionally cold, one usually sips on a hot coco or a traditional Glühwein (mulled wine), whilst casually browsing the small wooden market stalls.

Unfortunately we cannot bring you a nice hot cup of coco or mulled wine, however we can bring you some special gift ideas for this holiday season or indeed any special occasion throughout the year.


Happy Holiday Shopping!