Skiing Wolperdingers

Skiing Wolperdingers

  • $195.00

WOLPERDINGERS are a magical mystery creature found in the remote wilderness of the Austrian Alps. They are known to bring good luck to your home, scaring off any ill willed spirits with their unusual looks. They are actually cute, cuddly creatures who are low maintenance, as long as they have a nice shelf on which to sit to spread their charm and radiate good will throughout the household.

The large Wolpi's average around 14" high, while the Mini Wolpi's average around 7.5" high.

Note that each Wolperdinger, large or small is a unique creature unto itself - with its own personality, unique wings, eye color, fur, teeth and horns. Therefore, the Wolpi that you receive may vary slightly from the pictures shown on this web page.

Indeed, our Wolpi's are rare one of a kind creatures, which make them that much more loveable and special. 

Wolperdingers also make great housewarming gifts!

Enjoy the surprise!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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