Alp N Rock Edelweiss Reversible Tee

  • $189.00

Due to popular demand, Alpen Schatz has collaborated with popular Swiss ALP N ROCK Shirt designer Susanne Reich to bring you a limited edition Alp N Rock Swiss shirt!

These super soft breathable cotton tee's are embroidered with Edelweiss around a sexy plunging neckline and across the back of the Tee. Trendy SWISS patches adorn the arm, with the Alp N Rock signature patch on both the wrist and its Edelweiss flower printed on the front.

The shirts are also reversible!
(Black on the front side and a soft grey on the reverse)

100% Supima Cotton / Available blank or with TELLURIDE printed on the back / Sizes XS-XL

Giving Back and Redefining Luxury for Real People

Born in the Swiss Alps and raised on Sunset Strip, founder of Alp-n-Rock, Susanne Reich, offers the finest in ultra-luxe t-shirts with a purpose. Alp-n-Rock draws its inspiration from the glamorous alpine resorts of Europe - St. Moritz, Zermatt and Gstaad - where fashion is as important as sport, and comfort and style go hand-in-hand. The attitude is strictly Rock-n-Roll: bold, sexy and just a little bit twisted. Alp-n-Rock redefines luxury: live life on your own terms, feel connected and create change. Made from a soft cotton blend.

By purchasing an Alp N Rock T-Shirt you are also helping to educate girls in third world countries, as Alp N rock donate 10% of their profits to "Room to Read", a scholarship fund for girls living in Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, India and Africa.