Classic Yodelling Marmot

Classic Yodelling Marmot

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Yodelling, Singing, Dancing, Snoring Alpine Marmots "Murmeltier"

Our Alpine Marmots, or "Murmeltier" from Tyrol are taking Alpine communities by storm. Alpen Schatz is the first to discover these cute fuzzy creatures and bring them into North America! Each Marmot has a particular talent…from yodeling, to singing, to playing the accordion. A great treat from the Alps to enjoy with friends and family of all ages. Yodel-eh-hi-huuu!

Click on the pictures to see them in action!


Classic Yodeller

Heidi Yodelling Marmot

"I mog di" sings classic Austrian love song

"Schnarcher", the snorer takes a nap



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