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Armonie Naturali
Italian Spa Cosmetics for Dogs and Cats

Most people have heard about the healing and nurturing benefits of Italian Clay treatments for people. As dog and cat lovers, we might ask: Why not make these wonderful, natural benefits available to our beloved furry four-legged friends? In answer to this question, the Italians have cleverly created a line of exquisite clay based cosmetics for dogs and cats, including all natural Italian clay based shampoos, vitamin enriched conditioner balms, and alcohol free Ylang-Ylang based perfume’s. Armonie Naturali shampoos and conditioners have been a best seller in Europe for years, having been voted by award-winning groomers as the best line of all natural cosmetics for pets on the market. Armonie Naturali is composed of 100% natural ingredients, enriched with special elements proven for their dermatological properties for all skin and fur types. The secret behind Armonie Naturali lies in how the skin and fur cells naturally bond to Armonie’s all natural ingredients. Identifying to the holistic properties of Armonie Naturali, a dog or cat's skin and fur organically absorbs the most essential active ingredients in Armonie Naturali in a process called osmotic exchange, resulting in healthier, cleaner, and naturally softer fur.

How to use Armoni Naturali
The Professional Italian Grooming Method

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Light and heat are properties of clay, which are also vital elements of skin and fur. The all-natural elements in clay tend to balance, absorb and repair much quicker than other cosmetic lines made from chemicals. Clay is also especially effective at soothing skin irritations and eliminating dandruff and itching. The healing nature of clay is complemented by the addition of castor oils, coconut collagen, chlorophyll, and heat proteins which feed essential nutrients to the hair roots, strengthen the keratin , and prevent flaking. GREEN CLAY SHAMPOO is suitable for all skin and fur types, revitalizing, and nourishing without changing the natural characteristics of the skin and fur.

Green Clay
Dog Shampoo
Item No.  Liter Ounce Est # of Washes  Dilution Ratio Price  
Personal Size G435 200ml 7 oz 8 20:1 $18.95
Professional Size G421 1 liter 34 oz 40 20:1 $40.00
Groomer Size G420 10 liter 2.6 Gallon 400 20:1 $275.00


WHITE CLAY SHAMPOO contains titanium dioxide, an all-natural sun block which reflects damaging sun rays and protects white fur against yellowing. During bathing, a portion of titanium dioxide is absorbed by the fur, resulting in a natural sun block being built-up. This shampoo is rich in white clay and essential oils. With regular treatment, white fur will maintain it’s healthy, soft, and shiny appearance.

 White Clay
Dog Shampoo
Item No.  Liter Ounce Est # of Washes  Dilution Ratio Price  
Personal Size G436 200ml 7 oz 8 20:1 $18.95
Professional Size G413 1 liter 34 oz 40 20:1 $40.00
Groomer Size G414 5 liter 1.3 Gallon 200 20:1 $150.00


Armonie Naturali’s PROTEIN SHAMPOO is made especially for sensitive skin such as that of puppies or older dogs, as well as for dogs with seasonal hair loss or dogs with extra-long hair. With regular use, the dog’s skin and fur will regain its natural healthy appearance, including elasticity, shine, and softness, not to mention that the fur will be easy to groom and comb. It is well-known in cosmetology that vitamin F is called “the vitamin of the skin” because of it’s extraordinary dermatological healing properties. Armonie’s PROTEIN SHAMPOO is rich in Vitamin F, coming from linseed and rapeseed oils blended in the shampoo. Another essential ingredient to this shampoo are carrots which give the shampoo beta-carotene, which results in nourishing the skin and fur with vitamin A. Vitamin A revitalizes as well as helps soften the fur.

 Product Item No.  Liter Ounce Est # of Washes  Dilution Ratio Price  
Protein Shampoo G437 200ml 7 oz 8 20:1 $18.95
Groomer Size G416 5 liter 1.3 Gallon 200 20:1 $150.00

Armonie Naturali Shampoos and Conditioners have a dilution ratio or 20:1. Typical usage: 1 TBS to 4 cups water. Double quantities for large dogs.



Green Clay CAT SHAMPOO is identical to that of Armonie Naturali’s Green Clay Dog shampoo with the only exception that it’s raw ingredients are more concentrated. This results in balancing the cat’s sebum and making the fur more absorbent as well as anti-static. With regular washing with this shampoo, a cat’s fur will become more soft, shiny, and easy to comb. Green Clay Shampoo for Cats is ideal for all skin and fur types.

 Product Item No.  Liter Ounce Est # of Washes  Dilution Ratio Price  
Green Clay Cat Shampoo G439 200ml 7 oz 8 20:1 $18.95

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Repair Balsam Conditioner

Complementing the healing properties of the Armonie shampoo series, REPAIR BALM, was developed primarily for dogs and cats with long, hard to manage fur. It is ideal as a preventative against matting and hair becoming brittle and dry. It preserves the fur’s natural properties, making it soft, supple, and easy to maintain. The balm contains wheat seed oil proteins, jojoba oils, carotene butter, castor oil, and plant collagens.

Repair Balsam Conditioner Item No.  Liter Ounce Est # of Washes  Dilution Ratio Price  
Personal Size G438 200ml 7 oz 8 20:1 $21.95
Professional Size G424 1 liter 34 oz 40 20:1 $50.00
Groomer Size G424 5 liter 1.3 Gallon 200 20:1 $225.00


Armonie Naturali’s all natural CONDITIONER is based on cosmetic silicones, aloe juices, grapefruit seed extract, and lactic acids. Armonie Naturali Conditioner protects treated fur against dust, dirt, and oxidation resulting from saliva and urine. It aids in brushing and combing without damaging the fur and gives it volume, shine, and nutrition. The conditioner works towards making the fur more manageable as well as improving its antistatic qualities.

 Product Item No.  Liter  Dilution Ratio Price  
Conditioner Liquid G419 4.2 oz 15:1 $45.00
Conditioner Professional Spray G445 4.2 oz none $24.95

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This completely alcohol free perfume has naturally soothing properties. Ylang-Ylang is native to tropical Asia, especially Indonesia and the Philippines, and is known as an antidepressant as well as a relaxant to body, mind and spirit. It is used by groomers on dogs with sensitive skin and for its gentle, balancing qualities.

 Product Item No.  Liter  Dilution Ratio Price  
Parfum Ylang-Ylang G446 125ml none $24.95

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This completely alcohol free perfume is a harmonious blend of natural aromatic ingredients, including Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang, and sweet almonds. Its aroma is light and comforting, blending well with the natural oils of the animal’s skin.

 Product Item No.  Liter  Dilution Ratio Price  
Parfum Talco G447 125ml none $24.95

click above for larger image

Purify and Repair

This lotion is based on propolis (an all natural antibiotic and antifungal product made by bees) and is fit for cleaning superficial infected excoriations, small crusts, light burns and irritations, thanks to its cleaning, purifying and protective action against polluting agents. Grapefruit, nettle, mountain tea, focus, capsicum, rosemary and lavender support the action of propolis, while promoting the skin regeneration process thanks to their stimulating, epithelium reinforcing, remineralizing action. Wheat proteins nourish and give elasticity and tonicity to the skin, and vigour and strength to the fur. This lotion is very useful at the beginning for cleaning and protecting the affected part, and subsequently it supports the regeneration process, while reinforcing and balancing the structure of the skin and of the fur with specific and effective active principles.

 Product Item No.  Liter  Dilution Ratio Price  
Propolis Lotion G448 3.4 Fl Oz none $16.00

click above for larger image

with Zinc Oxide

This lenitive ointment was developed as an aid in the treatment of light skin irritations and of superficial excoriations (insect stings, irritations with small wounds on the tip of the ears or of the tail, “hot spots”, clipper burns, yeast and mold infections). Zinc oxide is the most important ingredient, which promotes cicatrisation while acting against bacteriological proliferation. This action is supported by four essential oils: lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, sage. These oils have also a lenitive, purifying, cleaning and soothing power. This ointment contains also rice starch, which is very useful to keep the affected part soft, thanks to its lenitive, softening and moisturizing action. Zinc oxide and sage promote hair growth.

 Product Item No.  Liter  Dilution Ratio Price  
Lenative Ointment G430 3.5 Fl Oz none $20

click above for larger image

All Natural Italian Toothpaste

Made by the same company that makes Armoni Naturali shampoos, this all-natural dental toothpaste protects pets' teeth, controls harmful plaque build-up and refreshes your pet's breath. Dentifricio Toothpaste contains all natural ingredients including, Tea Tree Oil, Propolis Extract and Grapefruit Seed Extract which cleanse the teeth and help control bacteria and harmful plaque build-up. Infused with essential oils to include lemon, sage and lavender, Dentifricio helps to strengthen the immune system in order to prevent infections and bad breath The all natural additive of Titanium Dioxide helps to keep teeth white and sparkling.

 Product Item No.  Liter  Dilution Ratio Price  
Dentifricio Toothpaste G867 none $12


Armonie Naturali Shampoos and Conditioners have a dilution ratio or 20:1. Typical usage: 1 TBS to 4 cups water. Double quantities for large dogs.

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